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2 Dancers doing Sea Jumps

Hello & Welcome to RiZe.

If you are a new dancer, you're in the right place.

If you are an experienced dancer, you're in the right place.

if you are looking for community, support, and an epic tribe- you're in the right place.

RiZe Baby RiZe!

We are here to RiZe together through Dance, Community and Mindfulness.

RiZe Movement is a local Dance Company offering Public Classes up until 2022, from there we will be working through a membership platform only.

 We are here not only to grow in dance, but to break the stigmas of judgement & competition that the dance world often includes.  

RiZe will have an annual show, and performances throughout the year, if we cant find one, I will create one.

We are looking for a devoted group of dancers who are here to be a part of something big, try their best, dance, learn, and laugh.

 This is a platform for expression, discipline, fun and unique opportunities of growth on and off the stage. 

 Why was RiZe Created?

RiZe is here to give dancers and artists the stage to express their hearts and minds & create POWERFUL pieces of dance relative to the human struggle, those deep emotions that tug on us and pull us into big shifts and massive up levels, dance is a spiritual tool here to support you in finding your truest expression and registering in your mind that you are a true gift to the world. 

More About US!

We opened our doors in August of 2020, yes it was a tough time to start, and also a beautiful time to begin this journey.  We celebrate with our big Rize Anniversary party & performance with friends and family at Zilker Park. 

    What's the Impact?

The big goal for impact here is driving awareness to mental health, a portion of our proceeds to our annual show will be going to foundations aimed at improving and nurturing mental health for children & victims of sex trafficking. 

This holds of extreme importance to me and my role while here on earth.

The invitation here is to come as you are in your fullest expression and to fully embody your highest expression.

We respect your medical freedom and medical privacy at Rize Movement.

Audition Dates January 17th & February 7th

You don't want to miss our next audition series for 2022!

We are excited to take our collective dance team to the next level. We are looking for dedicated dancers who are ready to express themselves, learn to embody their emotions in a healthy way and learn the skills and technique necessary to thrive in Rize. 

This Opportunity is an open invitation to expand into 2022..You can expect...

  • A wonderful supportive team

  • Improved flexibility

  • Chances to perform and shine for community

  • Learn how to pick up on choreography quicker and perform with confidence. 

Dance Audition

"Carolyn has the ability to truly meet people where they are at and she brings a little more joy to any room she is in. Carolyn is passionate about what she does (dancing, yoga, coaching) and it shows. Her instruction was awesome, she was detail oriented and also creative and fun. I felt centered, grounded and a bit more free and light hearted after her classes. I'm excited to see the big impact of this movement."

-Lacey Holcomb


Get In Contact

Studio Location: First Street Studio

Austin, Texas
Business: (505)-615-1929

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