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2 Dancers doing Sea Jumps

Hello Beautiful, 

Welcome, thanks for stopping by. I'm excited to announce the new offerings listed below. My mission is to show up boldly and inspire, teach, and serve others by giving them the tools to express themselves and move energy, integrate big life up levels and celebrate the ups and downs of living. This is a community that is here to hold you through it all. 

Current Offers:
Book: Happiness Isn't Overrated

Rize Movement Dance

I'm Carolyn, the creative director of Rize Movement, I believe combining sisterhood and dance is one of the sweetest combinations on earth.  Rize was created so that woman have a safe place to gather, dance and heal through the somatic practice of dance.


The coolest thing is...We have the power to pair our intentions and breathe with movement, and through practice and repetition you can learn the skills needed to flow with a group of dancers and retain choreography, fired up yet?

 We are here not only to grow in dance, but to break the stigmas of judgement & competition that the dance world often includes. Paradigm shifters!  


We are looking for a devoted group of dancers who are here to be a part of something big, try their best, dance, learn, and laugh... Ohhhhh, it's SOOOOO good.

 Why was RiZe Created?

RiZe is here to give dancers and artists the stage to express their hearts and minds & create POWERFUL pieces of dance relative to the human struggle, those deep emotions that tug on us and pull us into big shifts and massive up levels, dance is a spiritual tool here to support you in finding your truest expression and live in the embodiment of that.


More About US!

We opened our doors in August of 2020, yes it was a tough time to start, and also a beautiful time to begin this journey.  We celebrate with our big Rize Anniversary party & performance with friends and family at Zilker Park annually. The movement is just getting started and we are ready to RIZE.

We respect your medical freedom and medical privacy at Rize Movement.


Shares from others about their experiences...


"Carolyn has the ability to truly meet people where they are at and she brings a little more joy to any room she is in. Carolyn is passionate about what she does (dancing, yoga, coaching) and it shows. Her instruction was awesome, she was detail oriented and also creative and fun. I felt centered, grounded and a bit more free and light hearted after her classes. I'm excited to see the big impact of this movement."

-Lacey Holcomb


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Austin, Texas
Business: (505)-615-1929

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