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Image by Bailey Zindel

Happiness Isn't Overrated
Edition 1: Stories, Lessons and Life Codes,
Co-Authored and Supported by the Sisterhood.

About the book..

This book comes from the lived experiences of myself and other extraordinary women who have made personal transformation work and embodiment a main life mission. Once you dive into each chapter, you will get handfuls of potent advice and laws that when followed create magic and alignment, we take our own lived experiences and turn them into a blueprint for each reader to find their happiness within these suggested parameters. This inner journey of the woman flows through personal development tools, spiritual practices, health hacks that could save your life, and of course resonating stories, proof of miracles and resilience. Take what resonates and leave the rest, you are going to enjoy the journey inward and will be supported by these amazing creators, practitioners, and teachers along the way as this interactive sacred book will reveal all that needs to be illuminated for you. We can't wait for you to read it!

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